Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The home stretch

On Friday, Liam’s class is going on their end-of-year field trip to a local horseback riding farm. And the funny thing is that 48 hours later, our company’s social club is hosting our annual Family Day there as well. So for Liam, it will be a return trip, though I’m sure he doesn’t mind. And it is much easier to explain to Mallory that she cannot go on the field trip when I can smooth it over by pointing out that she will be there in just a couple of days. Lucky for me, Liam’s school field trip coincides with one of our flex Fridays, so since parents are invited to meet the group at the farm, I plan to spend my morning there with him.

I have a hard time believing that Liam has just a couple of weeks of school left. His first year is over already! We are busy pulling together a teacher gift for Mrs. Garrow. Also, we’ve been invited to a special end-of-year event in his classroom for which no details were forthcoming, other than that we should bring a camera and we may take a snack in for him to share with the class. Would I be a bad mom if I made something fun like mini cupcakes rather than something healthy like a fruit plate? Something like the summery cupcakes here or the apple-shaped cake pops here.

We got the schedule for next year and although Liam is a B day student this year, it works better for him to be an A day student next year, to better line up with our flex Fridays. Unfortunately, two of his best little friends at Cindy’s were requesting B day status the last I heard. I will be sad if their schedules head in opposite directions. The older he gets at daycare, the more important I think it is to have other kids there his own age. He’d be bored to tears if it were him and a house full of two-year-olds. Anyway, anything can happen at this point and we are not even sure that our request to switch to A days will be honoured (though the school considers our work schedule a valid reason to try). Most important of all will be to have him back in Mrs. Garrow’s class again, and I’m willing to put up with him being a B day student if they have to do that to make it h appen.

(Yes indeedy - I did finally finish off the 5-year-old portraits!)


Dawn said...

inspire me with your end of the year gift, I have crafter's block!

Carrie said...

I ordered her a personalized apple-motif notepad from Shutterfly, and have it bundled up with some stickers and gel pens. Nothing too earth-shattering, but it's cute and consumable, which I think is the way to go with teacher gifts!

Ainsley said...

Wow - this year really has flown by! Knowing Liam is almost done his first year of school has really put it into perspective. What a milestone! I hope he enjoys his last few weeks - their fieldtrip sounds like a lot of fun!