Friday, June 25, 2010

Cook Family Summer To-Do List

(Liam and Chad check out his school yearbook.)

We've spent some time over the past few weeks brainstorming a summer To-Do list. This is what we have so far. I think we can cross a few of these off already... we'll see how much progress we've made on the rest of them on Labour Day!

1. Go swimming (Mallory’s suggestion!)
2. Make homemade ice cream
3. Go camping
4. Throw a BBQ
5. Go rollerblading
6. Have a campfire in our backyard
7. Watch fireworks
8. Make s’mores
9. Make homemade lemonade
10. Go to Erieau
11. Go to a splash pad
13. Have a picnic
14. Go fishing
15. Take pictures in a field of flowers
16. Catch a frog
17. See Toy Story 3
18. Give ourselves pedicures
19. Learn to ride without training wheels
20. Go to Rondeau
21. Pick blueberries
22. Spot a moose
23. Celebrate the end of the school year with ice cream
24. Pedal boat around Lake Victoria
25. Catch a firefly
26. Go to the farmer’s market
27. Climb a tree
28. Build a sand castle
29. Read Charlotte’s Web as a bedtime story
30. Press flowers
31. Go to the Cone and Shake Shop
32. Invite friends over for a swim
33. Visit Fawn Island
34. Take a time-lapse night-sky photo
35. See Peter Pan at the Stratford Festival
36. Get Mallory out of Pull-Ups

(We knocked #23 off the list last night.)


megan said...

I've seen your BBQ. Are any of you strong enough to throw it any sort of distance (and why do you want to)?

Anonymous said...

and 31, no?