Friday, October 08, 2010

Randomness in October

Speaking of cookies, how do you like our new seasonal cookie jar? It came out of the cupboard last week. It replaced my previous cookie jar, a big red apple complete with leaf and stem that I found at Value Village for $3 - very apropos for September and a great score! I don't have themed cookie jars for every season/month but I am headed in that direction. I wish I'd bought the gingerbread man-shaped cookie jar I saw a couple of years ago... when I went back for it, it was gone. Lesson learned: no more indecision!

Last night I started making the kids' Halloween costumes. They are mostly items we picked up at Value Village but with a few crafty/sewing components to them. I had all the supplies purchased six weeks ago but have been procrastinating on assembling the costumes because I always fear messing something up. I need to get over that. It's a costume - who cares if it looks a little wonky??

Liam was sick ALL. DAY. LONG. yesterday. He threw up again in the early afternoon and then seemed to be doing better, and he had drank so few fluids over the course of 24 hours that I started pushing him to drink more and to eat a few bites of something. Sure enough, he threw that all up, too. I guess he knows when he's ready. We're keeping him home from school today. Even if the nausea has passed, he needs to build some strength back up.

I hate pukey kids. I would rather deal with a dirty diaper any day of the week, no matter how bad. Vomit is my weakness.

Here's Liam during happier times: decorating those Halloween cookies (which are now all gone!)This weekend, I am very VERY excited that the Ironman world championships are being held in Kona. The NBC condensed broadcast doesn't come on until December, but you can bet I will be hanging out in front of the computer as much as possible on Saturday to catch the live streaming. Watch this highlight reel from last year and tell me you aren't inspired to go out and accomplish something.