Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Thomas turns two

The kids and I had to make a speedy getaway from Chad's race on Saturday in order to make it to Thomas' birthday party at Springridge Farm in Milton. I felt bad leaving Chad with several muddy miles to go, but he was understanding. We didn't want to be late and miss the wagon ride. Luckily, Pinehurst is not far from Milton, but the rain was not quite so bad there. Still drizzly but we managed to fit in all of the farm activities we had been told to expect.Springridge hosts an annual Fall Festival and is exactly the kind of place I would take my kids on a regular basis if we lived closer to it. It was beautiful, and you could easily spend a day there with the kids. The whole region is beautiful at this time of year, really. There were several spots on the drive in from the 401 where I almost pulled off the road to take a picture because it was so scenic. But we were trying to make good time... so onward we pressed.When we first arrived at the farm, there was a wagon ride part way up the escarpment to take in the view. Then it was into our own private party room for lunch.Following that, the kids decorated little baskets before heading back out to the farm, where they were allowed into the chicken coop to collect an egg. I think that was the highlight of the day for both Liam and Mallory. Clearly, the pony ride was not the highlight for Mal. She is not one to turn down a pony ride, but she has yet to look like she is enjoying herself on one!We petted the farm animals and went through the Boo Barn a few times, then went back inside again for some cake.With that, the party was over, but we spent another hour outside before I was finally able to convince the kids to get into the car and head for home. We petted some more animals, played on the slides, jumped around on the hay bales, ran through the corn maze, and otherwise got ourselves filthy dirty. It was pretty fun.I had uploaded a photo of Thomas here, but it seems to be missing. Oh well... the complete set is on Flickr, if you are so inclined. Happy birthday, Thomas!


Dawn said...

what an awesome idea for a party....but more importantly, how the heck is he TWO already!