Thursday, October 07, 2010

This would be my Facebook status update, if I ever really used Facebook

Liam has thrown up about six times since dinnertime last night, I had already started making five pans of cinnamon rolls for the United Way bake sale and had to finish them, Mallory's pull-up leaked and she wet the bed, my washing machine (which is only 2 years old) is leaking on the floor and of all the nights to leave my laptop at the office, I left it last night so it could finish FTPing a file. So this morning I had to pack a sick Liam into the car, drop off my baking, pick up my computer, drop off Mallory at daycare, Liam puked again the minute we walked in the door, and now I am trying to get some work done on my last day before vacation. If the repair man can’t come today I am going to scream bloody murder because I have a pile of vomit-soaked laundry like you wouldn’t believe.