Thursday, January 27, 2011

A boy and his toys

I know my kids' birthdays are not for another few months, but I kind of like using the lull between Christmas and Easter to work on them. Specifically - birthday parties, and birthday portraits.We think we have a party theme picked out, though Mallory changes her mind several times a week, and then always seems to change it back (so far, at least - knock on wood!) With that done, and some preliminary details investigated, I've been turning my attention to birthday portraits. I did a few of these for a friend last week and will do more next week, so I guess it's only logical that I have them on my mind.Right now, Liam's favourite toy seems to be Lego, so I decided to do a Lego portrait. I know his birthday is not for another few months, but we were home for the day last Friday and it all just came together. I don't know... can I call this an official 'birthday' portrait when I took it in January? Or will I need to re-shoot it in April? How different will he look by then?I can't quite decide which one is my favourite. At first, it was this one where he is looking at the camera, hands down. But the more I study them, the more I also like the 'at play' versions. The top one, especially. Thinking I might print one of these big next time there's a sale... maybe to hang in the basement playroom?


megan said...

I agree, I like the top one! Great idea!

SC said...

These are such great shots Carrie! He is such a boy with everything LEGO! Will be a great memory for him too when he is older.

Just curious of your backdrop, is it paper or fabric? I have been wanting to order a paper backdrop for some amateur photography of my boys, but wasn't sure if that was the route to go or not. Any advice would be appreciated! Thx.