Monday, January 31, 2011


As much as I always say that we live in a funny little place that gets cold but never gets any snow... well, that's not really true. It seems like we've had a lot of snow this month. Not nearly as much as the Northeast, maybe, but enough to keep our shovels and our sleds busy. This was the scene from our front porch last night... complete with the little mountain of snow Chad and Liam have been clearing off the driveway.Of course, if you're going to get snow, you'd might as well put it to good use. Chad picked up a couple of new sleds last week so that we could fully take advantage. His choices included a few vehicles adequately sized for adults. The kids' little saucer sleds go pretty fast, but neither Chad nor I can fold ourselves up compactly enough to take a run with them without dragging a foot or hand behind.I made the mistake of trying to go for a run on Saturday morning, right when we'd had about 4-5 fresh inches fall overnight. My feet were soon wet and it was sloppy and tough going. I didn't make it as far as I'd hoped to and was pretty beat by the time I got home. I should have waited a few hours - by afternoon the roads were salted and the slush was gone - it would have been a breeze to be out then.Except that by then, we were out in the back yard doing this. We got our track packed down pretty firmly again and soon the kids were making bets about who could be the first one to cross the path at the bottom of the hill. Chad scooped up some snow and stamped it down on the path to ease our crossing. Our next door neighbour, who is up at the crack of dawn whenever it snows so that he can jump on his tractor and plow the path (thinking it his civic duty or some such thing) was probably watching him through the window and cursing him out.I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see this be one of the new sleds that Chad brought home with him. I've heard the story about a young Chad breaking his ankle in two places due to a mistimed run on a GT Sno Racer more than once. I'm hoping we don't continue the tradition.