Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unintended consequences

Even before I got on my home cleaning/purging/organizing/decorating kick early in the new year, we made a few changes, back in the last week of December. I love Christmas but as soon as it's over, I'm ready to be done. The tree was down within a few days, the garland removed from the bannister, and the mantel cleared. I do like having seasonal stuff out all year though, so the Valentine's Day decor came right out to fill the empty spots. Nothing over the top, mind you... just some hearts in the apothecary jar, to replace the ornaments; more seasonal photos in the frames (buh-bye, cute picture of Captain lounging under the Christmas tree); and a few jars of holiday candy on the counter top. Meant as a decoration but slowly being whittled away by Chad. (Lucky for me, I do not like either cinnamon hearts or candy hearts. Now, if those jars were filled with wine gums, on the other hand... that would be a different story!)At the time, Valentine's Day was still about seven or eight weeks away, but I didn't think too much of getting the new decor out. Well, apparently Mallory did. She immediately decided that it was time to start hand-crafting Valentines. She really only does one a day, but almost every day since then she has asked me for a blank card, paints, crayons, to please draw the outline of a heart, to please help her spell someone's name, and then to provide an envelope to package it all up in.It's very cute and I like to encourage creativity in the kids, but trying to explain to her that it is not yet time to be handing out Valentines? - well, it's not going over well. The cards she has made to date have all been handed out... to some very perplexed recipients.On the bright side, she is practicing her penmanship quite a bit (writing only To ____ From Mallory - but even that is a lot for a three year old!) The fact that I can indeed make out what she is writing - MOST of the time - signals the progress she's making.


Kathy said...

Good for Mallory! It sounds like her penmanship is better than that of some of my grade 10 students! :)

Dawn said...

glad I am not the only one with my Valentine's day stuff out in late December!!!