Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Around the house #3: the stars have aligned/thank you, annual bonus

I've been wanting a china cabinet for a long time. Ever since we moved into this house, 2.5 years ago. In the dining room at our old house, we had a table and a buffet, both of which reside in the kitchen at this house. So the new dining room was a blank slate. We found a beautiful old table at an antique store the summer before we moved, and we convinced the owner to hold onto it for us until we took possession of the house. But we've never found a china cabinet that matches; nor would we ever be likely to, given that antiques don't often come in matching sets.

I loved this cabinet, with its painted finish, the first time I saw it several months ago. But it was full price in the midst of a sea of furniture that was all sale priced. You know when a store gets brand new items and marks them down immediately? That kind of place. I would have felt like a sucker paying full price when I expected it to get marked down momentarily. So I waited... and waited... and waited... and kept thinking surely it can't still be there, given how long it's been... but here we are, several months later, and it was still there. Marked down 30%. And with us being paid our bonuses this week, it seemed like the right time to take the plunge and buy it.Ohhhh, me likey. I had a lot of fun arranging our good dishes just so, and love the way the delicate china looks against the less refined furniture. Still trying to decide what to put on the top shelf. Something seasonal? A collection, perhaps?

I did spend a few hours on Sunday morning with a painfully wrenched back, no doubt the result of the effort it took to get the hutch part up on top of the base. No matter anymore - the kinks seem to be worked out now. Speaking of 'around the house', I finally got those blinds sewn for the office, AND installed, thanks to Chad. One more item knocked off the to-do list, and just in time. With spring feeling like it is just around the corner, I am hoping to be spending a lot less time indoors one day soon.