Friday, March 25, 2011


I was away from home for a few days earlier this week, for work. Missed the kiddos like crazy. Came home only to remember that I had a hair appointment that night - a long, long overdue appointment. It was at 6:30 and I told the kids I thought I'd be home in time to tuck them into bed. Instead, I got home at 9:30. (All I can say is, there was a lot of highlighting going on, and it took forever.) The kids had tried to wait up for me. They were both in their beds. Mallory, of course, was still wide awake, jabbering to herself, and happy to see me come home. This was Liam, trying so hard to wait up with his desk lamp on... but too tired to make it. I felt so guilty. I gave him lots of kisses and tucked him under his duvet and whispered good night into his ear, despite the fact that he wasn't listening. I'm pretty sure that he heard me anyway.