Monday, March 14, 2011

Budding sports photographer (subtitle: giving me a run for my money)

On Saturday, Liam had a hockey game, which is not all that different from any other Saturday since last September. Mallory has been going to the arena week after week for almost seven months now, almost always behaving well and almost always being gracious about the fact that for this hour of the week, the focus is not on her.

This week, I brought my camera, and she suddenly asked if she could bring a camera and take pictures of Liam too. Liam was none too pleased about Mallory using his camera, but this time I overruled him. Mallory deserved it after spending so many hours in that rink.

By the time we got home, she had taken 183 pictures, beating out even ME in sheer numbers. I loved all the little glimpses into her mind and thought process. First of all, she set the stage before the game even started, getting some shots of her environs:
Empty ice:Spectators filing in:Bleachers waiting to be filled:The Zamboni being put away:Sometimes, she managed to catch Liam in action:Sometimes, she went for the wide-angle, scene-setting shot:Sometimes, she missed all the action:Sometimes, her shot was full of action:
She caught the mundane aspects of our immediate surroundings - my camera bag and purse at my feet:
The back of my coat:Us spectating:The dude sitting beside her:
And even the classic photographer's self-portrait. The fact that there were at least a dozen of these on the camera convince me that it was no mere accident.I wonder where she gets all of this from???


Granpa said...

Mal - good job with the pictures, like the one you took of yourself.talent must run in your family.