Friday, March 11, 2011

An art project we think you should try

A while ago I heard about a new Crayola product (and what mom doesn't love some Crayola?): window markers. I searched all over for these babies and finally found them a couple of months after I first saw ads for them (and in one of the first stores that I'd originally checked). I guess it takes longer for us to get things in than it does in most places??The kids thought it was hilarious when I told them we were going to colour on the windows. We divvied up the windows in the breakfast nook, from which we'd removed the screens last fall when we were battening down the hatches for winter. (The kitchen seems a lot brighter that way.) Since his newfound reading and writing skills are playing such a major role in his life right now, I love love love this photo of Liam's window. Before he drew anything else on it, he staked his claim to it in the bottom corner. His spelling is not perfect but I love that he is trying to do it himself, without running everything past me first. Then he climbed up on a chair and got to work: his name (again), a goldfish, a tulip, and an Easter bunny.
I definitely recommend these markers. They dry with a chalky kind of finish and wipe off easily with a damp cloth. They are sort of fluorescent, like the markers you see written on a restaurant's menu board. Our pink marker seems a bit tempermental, and of course that is somewhat upsetting to Mallory, but the rest of them write really nicely. For $5 they will buy you a few hours of entertainment - totally worth it in my book!