Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Easter around the house. Subtitle: Buh-Bye, Winter.

On approximately February 15th of this year, we packed away all of the Valentine's Day goodness that was sprinkled around the house, and out came... Easter.I think I love Easter decorations more than any other. Something about seeing the pastels when we're right at the tail end of a long and dreary winter makes me happy and hopeful. It makes it feel like spring and summer are not all that far off. Even when we're supposed to be walloped with more snow.I picked up these old candy jars a few months ago at the thrift store, and I'm trying to keep them stocked with goods that make them look seasonal, but that we don't dip into too much. For Valentine's Day, I succeeded. I don't think any of us actually like the conversation hearts, but they sure do look nice in the jar. (I know they are not Easter candy, but the colours work. I may keep them out a while longer. That photo of Liam with the candy heart in his mouth is also not Easter, but I don't really have anything else to fill the frame at the moment!) These candy-covered chocolate eggs are my absolute weakness, when they come in a Cadbury bag. These ones are from President's Choice and they are AWFUL. So once again... they look pretty in the jar, and hopefully we will stay out of them.
In addition to what's pictured here, I have also hauled the kids' Easter buckets out of the cupboard, and I've resorted to buying flowers weekly at the grocery store. It's $4 for a bunch of tulips - much cheaper than therapy.

Liam has not yet rotated the various pictures he drew of himself and his family sledding and building snowmen off of the bulletin board in his room, but I expect that will happen shortly. He has a shoe box in his closet where he is hoarding some of his crafts from last Halloween so that he can hang them up in his room again this Halloween. He seems to have caught the seasonal decorating bug from me. Attaboy, Liam.