Monday, April 25, 2011

Coloured eggs

I like crafty things and my kids like crafty things... and one of our very favourite crafty things is colouring eggs. We don't do dozens and dozens, like some do, mostly because I hate eggs and don't eat them and really dislike the way that cooking them makes the house smell. But if those things weren't an issue... you bet I would.
We are pretty plain with our egg-colouring. We don't do the shrink-wraps (well, we did last year, but this year we were back to plain old colouring) or stickers or fancy treatments. Though as a kid I remember making marbled eggs using vegetable oil, and they turned out really well - maybe we'll try that sometime. But for this year, a plain colour wash was enough.
I think, for next year, I will collect some mason jars to do the dyeing in. It was hard to see what colour was what when we used these mugs.
Still, they turned out very pretty. Liam has eaten several of these eggs since then but sadly, I think there will be many that find their way to the garbage. It feels like a waste, but I don't feel bad enough to eat any of them myself.
Thank you Megan for finding me the perfect egg plate! This is exactly what I had in mind but was unable to find for myself. It looks pretty propped up in the china cabinet for the other 364 days of the year, and did the job of holding our eggs on Easter.After we finished colouring the eggs, we made some of these guys. Two successful Easter crafts in a row! The third craft, some crepe paper carrots stuffed with Easter treats, did not turn out at all. I should have known, since that one was from the Martha Stewart website.