Monday, April 04, 2011

Day of Champs

The first year of Liam's hockey career wrapped up on Saturday with the 'Day of Champs'. For a hockey league that does not officially keep score of the kids' games, I think this just involved a random draw to determine who played who for the final game of the season. We drew the Rangers, and they creamed us... but nobody's counting. Liam seems to have really disliked goaltending, much like his mother. Too much pressure. (This explains why I no longer participate in any sports that involve goaltending - is it any wonder that I like to swim, bike and run?) But for the past several weeks he's showed some real improvement. Rather than just standing there and hoping that the puck bounces off his stick - oh, I remember that feeling so well - he's been more active in blocking shots. At the end of the game, the large crowd that had assembled cheered and the sound system blared The Ramones' 'Blitzkrieg Bop' as the kids shook/slapped hands. Then it was time for the on-ice awards presentation... This totally made me laugh - they give the kids medals and Tim Hortons commemorative hockey sticks, then expect them to be able to skate back to their spots, while still juggling their own stick. Liam looked like he was going to tip over more than once. At the end, all the parents crowded onto the ice for an impromptu team photo. I'd brought my zoom lens to catch the game action, so I wasn't far back enough to get the whole team in. But I still think I like this shot more than the professional team photo we got earlier in the year. And that, as they say, is a wrap. Poor Liam... he is really going to miss playing hockey. He's one year shy of being able to play in the spring ball hockey league. Maybe next year.