Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Second pass

It never fails that, after I take pictures of the kids and pick out immediate favourites, and then put them away for a few days, I come back to them with fresh eyes and something catches my attention that didn't before. I rather like this shot of Mallory sitting on the floor. Not crazy about how she has her hands bunched up in her dress, but it's a sweet expression.This one would be just about perfect if she were sitting up just a little straighter... the forward lean is throwing me off a bit. I don't like the bit of chair sticking up above her head. Also, I can't quite decide: does she look serene... or intense?? (The latter is very 'her'; the former, not so much.)This one really makes me smile. She kept doing these fake laughs to make herself smile. But it looks pretty authentic!Of course, if I want something truly representative of how our session went, this is probably the one I should choose! I am really looking forward to doing pictures with Liam sometime over the next few weeks. He is a little harder to come up with ideas for, in terms of props, but I think this year he will really shine and we'll get some great images. Which is a good thing, because we've had a giant canvas of Mallory in our living room for more than a year now, and I've been waiting to get the perfect shot of Liam to go with it.


jenn said...

Loving the brown backdrop! (and Miss Mal, of course, is cute as ever! Safari/Jungle theme party??)

Carrie said...

Good guess! :)