Friday, April 29, 2011

A royal affair

Not everyone is into royal-watching. I get that. I am not into it all that much myself on a regular basis, but I do get caught up in big events... and if I were on the other side of the pond, I admit it: I could very well be camped out somewhere along the Mall.
As it was, we had to watch the wedding from this side of the pond. We did it up though and made it an event. Mallory wore her Cinderella dress and a tiara, and Liam wore the colours of the Union Jack and a crown. (Yes, his Jaws shirt is supposed to be trumpeting his support of the British empire.) We also invited Mallory's little friend over, thinking the girls would be very into the whole common-girl-turns-into-a-princess theme. They watched Kate emerge and checked out her dress, but then they disappeared upstairs to play dollhouse. It wound up being the moms on the couch, discussing everything from Kate's dress to the processional music to how quickly William has started balding to the craziness of all the fascinators, and Liam watching alongside. He definitely saw more than Mallory did.
We turned breakfast into a tea party. On the menu: chocolate croissants and scones with lemon curd. Tasty! I pulled out as many red and blue dishes as I could find to make things festive.Special cups for the kids' OJ...I did not design these - I found a free printable online, and they were too cute not to print out, punch out, and stick in our food.The full spread, complete with Mallory diving into her strawberries.Mallory is unlikely to marry a prince one day but... you never know, right?? :)Too much fun. I'm glad we celebrated today.


megan said...

I told Audrey that there is still one Prince left for her. She was less then interested.