Monday, May 02, 2011

A new cousin

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Jonah Lucas Ryan Cook - born on Friday. I don't think big brother Ethan realizes yet that this new kid is not going anywhere... but he also doesn't seem to be the type that will mind.edit 5-1-2 by carriecook

All of the Cook cousins. One day - one day - we will get a picture with everyone looking the same way and not being goofy.
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The shirt says it all.

(I have just about run out of photo upload space on Blogger, so these photos are linked from Flickr. Which is a pain, and also explains why the formatting is all messed up. This could be the beginning of the end of Too Many Cooks.)


Anonymous said...

I've been reading Too Many Cooks since Liam was a few months old. I'd be sad to see the blog end!

jenn said...

thank you so, so much! I was just telling Darin I wanted a BIG picture for the mantle...that top one is it!!! We had a great visit yesterday...thanks again!

( Liam's birthday pics!!)

Carrie said...

Anonymous: thank you for your patronage! I never really expected this little experiment to last so long. :)

Jenn: if we get together for more pictures I do have a few more sibling shots in mind. And PS - one day, I *will* get Ethan to smile at me!!