Monday, May 09, 2011

I could escape this feeling, with my China girl...

These pictures make me want to sing David Bowie. Sorry about that.

On the weekend, Mallory found a picture of a little Asian girl in her princess magazine. On the Mulan page, of course. She brought it to me and asked me to do her hair the same way the girl in the picture was wearing hers. This was miraculous for two reasons: number one, Mallory hates it when I do her hair - probably because I am not very good at it. And number two, this was an easy enough hairstyle for me to pull off.

Mallory does not think I got it 'high' enough compared to the girl in the picture... but that girl's hair was a lot longer. More material to make the buns with. I think I did OK.


Brandy said...

Super cute!