Thursday, May 19, 2011

The day that Mallory decided to quit dancing

(Also known as - there's GOT to be a better way to post than this!)

Last weekend we went up to Toronto for Henry's 5th birthday party, which was held at a gymnastics studio called Kidnasium. Despite bad weather and bad traffic we made it there for (most of) the party and it's a good thing. Liam enjoyed running around the kiddie gym, but Mallory LOVED it. Loved it.

This is significant because it's time to sign up for next year's dance classes. We've been wracking our brains trying to decide on ballet, tap or both, since the ballet/tap combo class she is taking this year is not offered for the next age group up. Do I really want to sign up for/commit to/shuttle her to/pay for multiple classes? How to decide what to do?

(Actually, when we got her report card a few weeks ago, it was suggested that she enroll in Shooting Stars next year. Shooting Stars is a creative movement class and Mal is the only one I know who got this recommendation. Reading between the lines I think this means, "Your daughter goofs off a lot between movements and is a little out of control. Please put her in an environment in which this is welcome.")

But, since even before Mallory even started dancing, Chad has been suggesting that she take gymnastics instead. (I don't think we have the time to do it all.) And seeing her at Kidnasium really made it click for me that this is something she might really enjoy. She may not be dainty and graceful like a ballerina, but I'd bet you she could tumble with the best of them.

So... that's the decision. We asked Mallory what she would like to do and she answered with gymnastics without missing a beat. Despite the fact that she is really looking forward to getting her dance recital costume and is extra excited about the chance to wear stage makeup... she is willing to give it all up in order to take gymnastics next year.

I bet the gymnastics people don't charge $25 a seat to watch your own kid, either.

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