Friday, August 01, 2008

Are we there yet??

Well, crap. I had a big post written, and Blogger ate it. It's been ages since that happened to me. Damn damn damn!

To make a long story short:

* I haven't been to the new house all week. The whole main floor has flooring in, and I haven't seen it yet. I'm excited to; I just needed a break from all the shuttling back and forth.
* Cabinetry install begins next week, which is going to be one of the busiest weeks of the project. Kitchen, bathroom vanities, laundry room cupboards, fireplace mantel, built in bookcases and mudroom lockers... all within a week. Ay yi yi. That will be a lot to keep on top of.
* It's August. We're moving this month. I have packed three boxes to date. EEEEEK.
* I have sewn 11 blinds in the past few weeks, and if I never see my sewing machine again, it will be too soon. Seriously, I want to plow through two more of them this weekend, but whatever is not done by the time the weekend is over will have to wait until after the move. It's crunch time: we have a house to pack up, and those aforementioned lockers and bookcases? - they're being installed unfinished to save us some serious $$. So we have some painting ahead of us. The countdown is on.


megan said...

Should I take this to mean you are not coming to our party tomorrow :)?

Mandy said...

I'm dying to see those blinds when they are done, and curious about whether (when the dust settles) you'd mind sharing where you found the instructions to make them. I love the fabrics!!

Hang in there - one box at a time. :) Maybe have a packing party? It works better in some rooms than others, but it can be a huge help.

Carrie said...

Sorry Megan, it just wasn't in the cards for us this year. Who won the coveted blazers??

Mandy... I will keep you posted. I made most of the blinds in our current house and I just hope I am not forgetting anything with this latest batch... because if I made a mistake with these ones, then I made it 14 times over. And it won't become apparent that I've made it until I go try to hang the darn things!!

Mandy said...

Here's hoping there are no mistakes then!!! I'm sure they're beautiful, I just can't wait to see pictures. I mean, I can wait....but it will be with much anticipation. :D