Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's new with us

This little twerp has begun trying to climb out of her crib when we put her down for a nap or put her to bed. She will stand up in the crib and heft one leg over the railing - then get stuck, resulting in pitiful wailing. The trouble is, the pitiful wailing actually begins when we put her in the crib and leave the room - so how are we to know if the pitiful wailing means she is stuck or not? *sigh* I think we have one lower setting we can drop the crib mattress to, and we will do that tonight. I am sooooo not ready to move her to a bed - there will be no containing her at all if she is not in a crib. If that lower mattress setting does not exist, heaven help us.I pulled some late nights and finished two more blinds for the new house on the weekend, the last one being one for Liam's room. He came into the dining room where I have them all piled the morning after I finished it and said, What's that? I said, It's a blind for the new house... do you know where it's going? He said no, and I said, It's for your room. And he said - get this - I don't like that one, I don't want it in mines room. Ooooh, I could have clocked him. Not really, but kind of, you know? (In case you haven't noticed - the whole sewing-of-blinds business has me a little testy.) So he earned little twerp status, too.

(The photo is from when he decided, all on his own, to climb one of the trees in front of our house. Captain had gotten out of the house earlier, and ran up the neighbour's magnolia tree - I guess it got Liam thinking that he could be a tree-climber, too.)We had a lot going on this weekend - friends in from out of town, and us going out of town to attend a wedding - but in the midst of it all, I also managed to start packing - about 20 boxes' worth. Not making much of a dent in the grand scheme of things, but a healthy start at least. Liam saw me packing, with all the bubble wrap and packing paper and whatnot that I have thus far been lucky enough to not have had to furnish on my own (thanks to some friends and family who have recently been through the moving process) - and when I explained to him what I was doing and why, he decided that he was going to start packing his things, too. Except that he then started hoarding all my bubble wrap for things like his fire helmet (here). And he would take a big foam sleeve, perfect size for packing our good china dinner plates in, and use it to pack ONE wooden block. The fact that his things are all made of unbreakable materials was kind of lost on him, and now I am short on packing supplies.

I'm also not sure that he understands he is now going to have to go 3+ weeks without his fire helmet.The floors are in on the main floor, and they are gorgeous, and I have been worried sick about them ever since they went in. We went with bamboo, and now I am thinking, why on earth did we ever decide to go with bamboo? I knew they were softer than some hardwoods, and I was willing to live with that when we ordered them - but now that they are in, and they're so purdy, I'm thinking the first person to scratch them babies is DEAD MEAT... yes, I like my things to be cosmetically mint and yes, I know that with kiddos, that is not likely to last for long. Sorry ladies, there will be no stiletto-wearing allowed in our house! Our cabinet maker, bless his heart, has the whole great room floor covered with moving blankets and cardboard protection. He must know how anal I am.

No anecdote to go with this photo... just a cute pic of the lil' miss.


Mandy said...

A friend found herself without another setting on the crib, and with a toddler there was NO way she was going to let free in the room.

Know those super playyards? I think they have 5 or 8 panels, can't remember which. Anyway, she ended up putting the crib mattress on the floor surrounded by the playyard, which was too tall for the little princess to scale. It was hilarious, but it worked.

Hopefully, though, the next level exists. I know how important that can be. We ended up converting Em's crib to a toddler bed far too early for my liking because she scaled the side and fell over. I just happened to be in the room when she did it, and it was the one and only time I thanked my lucky stars for how teeny that darn room was. I just managed to catch her before the thud.

oh, side note. I think I'd mentioned that the Lisa Bearnson School days kit was coming out again? Mine showed up today...."preshool" folder and all. lmao.