Monday, April 27, 2009

Boys vs girls

At this time of year, the creek behind our house is overrun with gaggles of little boys running amok with nets and fishing poles and buckets and all other manner of objects with which they attempt to trap frogs, fish, and snakes. Liam told me that he and Chad saw two snakes down by the creek on Friday night. He also told me that he caught one of them in his net, and let it go again. Chad was quick to refute that. I know that Liam's reflexes really are not good enough to catch any of these creatures, yet, but I do wonder whether Chad told me that just to help me sleep better at night. We spent a large part of the weekend down at the creek, hunting for these things and trying to trap them. Here Chad is firmly hanging onto Liam so he doesn't fall in when he lunges after a frog.No dice - another one that got away.For her part, Mallory was OK with spending some family time together. She and I tagged along after the boys. She picked about a thousand dandelions and never quite lost her excitement over seeing them, but really, she was not all that into poking around in the mud down at the creek. She was very glad to come home and find other ways to pass her time. She is all girl, this one.


The Robiltons said...

I love it!

Carrie said...

We did not even have the cape or wand out... I'm sure I will have pics of those soon enough. She insists on wearing this getup all.the.time. now. I'm sure I will rue the day we ever opened the box!