Thursday, April 02, 2009

That's a wrap

Skating is over, and none too soon for my taste. For the past several weeks the lessons have been stretching to 45 minutes apiece so the kids could practise for the show (which is tomorrow night, and which we are not attending). Last night when we got to the arena, there were several hockey teams shimmying around. Turns out there was a scheduling conflict and we didn't get on the ice for nearly half an hour. Add to that a long practise and, well, it was a late night by the time we got home.

We got report cards again last night, and this time Liam had four check marks (compared to just the one on his December card). He still didn't get the check for walking forwards, which I plain old don't understand. You've seen him skate... doesn't it look to you like he can walk forward??? What-evs.

He actually did the kung fu punch during the second to last run through of the routine last night. It only took him 4 weeks to decide to join in. (rolls eyes)Our next door neighbour is a very accomplished 12 year old figure skater, and her father lambasted me last night for saying we weren't coming to the carnival. She, of course, is one of the guest soloists, and he is skating a father/daughter routine with her as the show opener. That almost tempted me enough to buy a ticket... but not quite.

I was up late after Lost last night finishing up some work... it's been a busy week... and the next few days are going to be busy, too. Tonight we are going to see my girl Chantal Kreviazuk and I am pretty excited about it. Tomorrow, there's a big birthday in our house. Good thing I stocked up on baking supplies this week... there's going to be some cake-making involved.

(Speaking of Lost... any theories out there? I found last night's show to be pretty slow-paced, and am a bit disappointed that they established that Sawyer is remaining loyal to Juliet and that Kate didn't come back for Sawyer, she came back for Aaron. I was hoping for more cat-and-mouse will-she-go-for-Jack-or-will-she-go-for-Sawyer game play. Though I loved Hurley's dissection of the whole space-time continuum with Miles, and man, did I love that Back to the Future reference that was thrown in!)


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Chad!! Way to Kung Fu punch Liam!!!!!!

Dawn said...

.....and can you please sign up to Facebook already, oh so much easier to keep in touch!

Kelly said...

I read in an article that there is a Kate/Sawyer scene to be had this season, so don't lose hope yet. Maybe the article wasn't just playing with us.