Friday, April 10, 2009

Celebrating two (even if it is terrible)

As is my custom, I took the day off work on Thursday to spend it with Mallory and Liam. And it was a glorious day to take off - the stars were certainly aligned in my favour. We all slept in a bit, then spent some leisurely time hanging out in our bed, watching Treehouse and doing Search and Finds. We had breakfast. Then we went out to run some errands. There were a few things I needed to pick up, but I didn't really have any plans in mind for the rest of the day beyond that. I asked Mal what she wanted to do, and she said: playground! So after our shopping, we swung through a Tim Horton's drive through for a snack and took it to the fire truck park by our old house. We spent hours there, on the multiple playgrounds, taking a stroll down to the nearby creek to look for ducks, back up through the rear of the park, and up onto the huge hill that sits smack in the middle. All without a care in the world. It was lovely.Then, of course, we went home for lunch, and Mal dissolved into a blubbering tyrant. The tradeoff for a wonderful morning, I suppose.She did eventually get her way. We went to Gramma and Grampa's for a birthday dinner, complete with lemon cupcakes adorned with candles. Mallory walked in the door and immediately spied a Cinderella gift bag. "That's mine," she told us over and over as we ate. After dinner, she was allowed to open it - a cute new outfit, complete with candy-coloured Crocs for the summer. They will be put to good use!(Did anyone else hear that the Croc company filed Chapter 11 a couple weeks ago? Is that true or urban legend?)Our gift to Mal was a Disney princesses tricycle. As soon as she saw it, she dropped to all fours and crawled around it, checking out all the decals on it. She cracks me up. Needless to say, it was a hit.

Liam was concerned about the order of events on Mallory's birthday proper. "Where are all her friends?" he asked as we were en route to the park. I had to explain that yes, Mallory is having a party, but it's a joint party with his friends, and it is taking place next weekend. Easter is all the excitement we need for one week - we're trying to pace ourselves here.