Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yesterday, while home enjoying Liam's birthday with both the kiddos, I got the bad news that a coworker died suddenly over the weekend. Not just any coworker... the one at the desk next to me. With three kids at home. And while he was a pretty quiet and private guy, and I didn't know him on a personal level all that well, it's still been a shock.

So I wasn't in the most festive mood ever yesterday, but I did try to make the most of the day, for Liam's sake. And I am very thankful that, number one, my kids have lived to see their second and fourth birthdays. Because I know that many don't. And number two, I am glad that I was here to see it happen. We gave Liam a choice between a sparkler and candles that he could blow out. He went for the candles.
Gramma and Grampa joined us for dinner, and they gave Liam a fishing rod for his birthday. There will be many happy hours spent with that this summer. I think Gramma and Grampa were thinking in terms of using it at the trailer, but Liam wanted to take it down to the creek after dinner last night. It was extremely cold and windy - luckily we were able to distract him...
...with a present from us. The Rollerblades were Chad's idea; my gift suggestion had been a Nintendo DS. I went along with Chad on this one, even though I wasn't sure of the outcome. There will be time for video games later, I get that.
I was definitely the one in the wrong in this case. Number one: Liam loves the Rollerblades. Number two: he is EXCELLENT at skating with them! I need to get his skating instructor to come see him whip around the basement on these puppies. That would earn him another check mark or two on his report card, I am sure.
Of course, we also had to get him a full set of safety gear to go along with the skates. I am thinking it's time to dust off my own Rollerblades and take some pointers from Liam. I think our skill levels are pretty well matched right now. I don't know... does that tell you how good he is, or how bad I am??