Monday, June 15, 2009


Normally my rule is to process images in the order in which they're shot, but this weekend, I worked backwards. For whatever reason, I have Sunday's images done and not Saturday's. So we'll start there...

On Sunday I travelled to Burlington to attend a shower that my sister Katrina's future in-laws/extended family threw for her and John. I left the kids home with Chad because they were (as predicted) utterly exhausted from Saturday's events (details of which will come later). It was a nice day... good weather, delicious food and a few kid-free hours which, while I missed them, can be nice in their own way, too.

When I got home I was regaled with stories of all the things they had done that day. They went for a picnic and a hike in Rondeau, met up with Maggie on the beach and played with her for a while, got to buy a souvenir each at the Rondeau store and then had Happy Meals for dinner. (So much for getting some rest, huh?) I wouldn't be surprised if they start wishing that Mom would go out of town a little more often.

Unfortunately, Liam's souvenir that he chose was a big rubber snake, and when I came home and found it floating in a pail of water outside the back door, I about had a heart attack. But that's another story.

The full set of shower photos from Sunday is posted on Flickr - link in the sidebar. (Don't you hate it when people do that? At least you do if, like me, you choose to blog or catch up on blogs rather than take a coffee break at work, and your company's security team has blocked your Flickr access...)

Oh, and one more thing: check out this video footage of an aggressive blackbird in San Francisco, and then apologize to me for thinking I am crazy.

Damn bird