Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life happened

They say that life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. For the past few months I have been thinking of doing an 'official' two-year-old portrait of Mallory. I waited for the weather to warm up so we could do it outside. I debated between several different outfits. I tried to scout out a location. I kept mulling over all of these things in my head.

And then it was Saturday. It was 8 p.m. She had been running around with a gaggle of kids at our house all day. Her hair was windswept. Her party dress had gotten soaked and she was changed into this old t-shirt. She hadn't had a nap and it was past her usual bedtime, so it was crazy that she was still going as strong as she was. She was running through the flowerbed in front of the house, and I happened to have camera in hand. Snap. Totally unplanned: a new favourite was created.

One day I will be on my deathbed, and my entire life will flash before my eyes. When that time comes, I know I will remember her exactly as she is right here - even if it's not for another fifty years.

I like this one, too. This expression is totally her.


SC said...

I love the first picture... and the fact that you didn't plan a perfect photo shoot for the picture, makes it look even better than if you did!

She is the cutest... so full of mischief and wonder in those eyes!

Anonymous said...

That's a stunning shot.

Dawn said...

That first one made me gasp, it's perfect. DOn't you love the happy 'mistakes'.

P.S. I am trying to blog again, if you remember where I 'live' pop on over.