Monday, June 22, 2009

Godchild or Godson? Needing to learn a whole new vocabulary here.

Yesterday, we were in Toronto for my nephew Thomas' baptism. I had a brief panic attack when we hit around Milton, thinking I had misremembered the time of the service, but in the end I had the time right, and all was well.Actually, all was not well. Chad and I are Godparents and we were supposed to hit the front of the church with Steph and Mike, but we missed the cue. Or there was no cue. Or something like that. Well, at least we were there.After the service there was brunch (during which Mallory insisted that she wanted pizza, which is not a very brunch-like thing to have, but I ordered it and shared it with her anyway, and it was very good).Then back to the house for cake and presents, and to let the cousins play with each other a bit. Liam and Mallory are both pretty enamoured with (of?) Thomas. Though they are both quick to state that they do not want any new babies in our house.We did our Father's Day celebration on Saturday night. The kids had some gifts and a card for Chad. The card (which plays "I Wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book) was a big, big hit with the kids. Actually, by the time Chad got his hands on it, it was in pretty bad shape from all the manhandling it had already received. It still plays the music, but only if you stick your finger through the flap and trigger it manually.I have photos from our early Father's Day celebration floating around on a memory card somewhere. I have been neglectful in organizing my photos like I usually do, and I am starting to get bogged down. I think I will devote one evening this week to Memory Card and Hard Drive Cleanup and CD Burning Night, to get everything sorted, share files that I promised I would share, etc. A little bit of spring cleaning, if you will. (Not tonight though... tonight, I will be watching to see what the Big Announcement is on Jon & Kate... please, just split up already. There is no point in continuing the charade.)