Friday, October 09, 2009

Girls' day in

Mallory and I are having a lovely day together. Man, were we due for that. We ran errands this morning, to the grocery store and the nursery, and came home with a copy of the newly-released Snow White on DVD. Popped some popcorn and sat down for a movie on a bleary, rainy day. (I have some ideas for some photos I'd like to try with Mallory and I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to do them. So much for that idea.)

Right now, she is napping, and when she gets up we will be off to pick Liam up from school. I talked to his teacher this morning when we dropped him off and she informed me that yes, he actually did do show and tell. He didn't want to tell the kids anything about what he chose to take in, but he answered their questions. So why did he tell me he didn't do it at all? The child can't be trusted.

Oh, and the last ten minutes of last night's The Office was probably the best TV I've seen since the season 3 finale of Lost ("We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!") I've watched it about ten times now. It was perfect.