Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On This Day in Cook Family History:

So I had a bit of a story to share today, but I am swamped again, and it's been a long day, and the story is only coming to me now in dribs and drabs. It had something to do with how I still find myself ogling Liam's little skinny legs whenever my face is in their general vicinity, finding it hilarious how knock-kneed he is and how much his build looks like Chad's at the same age, and still marvelling at the fact that his knees are so flat-topped and completely square when bent (how did I not know before that kids don't grow kneecaps til later in life?) So I was completely shocked, when faced with what appears to be delicacy and spindliness every day, to have grabbed his calf the other night in a bout of wrestling and to have found it to be a rock-solid piece of muscle. I mean, it put my poor, flabby, nowhere-near-its-former-glory body to shame. I was totally surprised by just how ripped the little dude is. I know his constant walks down to feed the ducks and bike loops around the basement and so forth all contribute, but it was still a shock.

Or something like that. It's late in the day. I can't really think straight anymore.

I haven't been posting much lately and it's not because I am dying a slow and miserable spider-induced death - it's because I've been lazy. Still too lazy today to type any more out, so watch this instead. This was back when it was a novelty; now she's hoisting herself up on everything.

The weekend before Dana and Bruce left for Florida, we went over to their place for dinner, and we dressed Liam in his Halloween costume to give them a preview since they aren't here for the holiday itself. Here he is - our little monkey, complete with a banana that he really enjoys chewing on (what else is new, right?)

This afternoon we are off to a Halloween party. Yes, Liam has been invited out for a Halloween party with 30 other kids. We'll see how this goes. He doesn't seem to be too crazy about his costume, but will likely be OK with the hood down. (And yes, I got him some socks that blend in with the monkey feet a little better - this photo makes it glaringly obvious that navy blue was not a good choice!) He has really taken an interest in other kids lately though. Over the last few weeks he has been more interactive with the other babies at our playgroup, he did well with Melissa's girls when we visited her on Wednesday, and at the pool on Thursday we met Baby Henry, who Liam seemed to adore. It actually isn't even limited to babies; he just seems to be coming out of his shell lately. I'm not sure that a Halloween party is the place to test this theory - a few spooky costumes may throw him right off - but I'm looking forward to such a fun kiddie event. I spent Thursday night baking cupcakes and making little white chocolate ghosts to go on top. This afternoon Audrey and Evelyn are coming over, and if they're willing participants then we'll get out the frosting and do some assembly. I hope to have some cool photos to post when we come home - that is, if I'm not too busy consoling an easily frightened baby!...