Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Around the house: status report #1

So... about those projects I said I was dabbling in around the house. I seem to have come to a standstill on some of them. (You know me... all motivated at the start, and then I tend to bail out when I am 80% of the way through!) Here is something that did get finished though, so I'm going to try to ride the wave of satisfaction of this one through the rest of the things I want to accomplish!

This was how Liam's bedroom looked the week after Christmas. He is a pretty arty kid, and he had done all of these seasonal drawings and hung them up on his bed-cum-art gallery. (Don't ask me why the bed became the display area of choice; I really don't know!) He actually started this a few months ago. He had some summer drawings up there at first, and he took those ones down and when I offered to recycle them, he declined the offer and instead chose to store them away in a plastic box in his closet so that he can bring them out again next year. (I think my seasonal decorating tendencies have gone to his head!) He then had some Halloween stuff up, which also came down, and now this generic 'winter' theme. (He also had a picture of Santa and some reindeer, which he had up for a bit, but took down after Christmas. He is so on the ball!)I finally got my act together and made him what he so desperately needed: a bulletin board for his room. We do have one small bulletin board in the mudroom, but the kids bring home so much artwork that it really does not cut it. (The one in the mudroom is also a calendar that is SUPPOSED to be keeping us organized, but it's always covered in so many tissue-paper and toilet paper roll creations that the calendar does not get edited for months at a time.) I picked the bulletin board up several weeks ago but was loathe to put up a big square of plain cork in his room. So I ordered a yard of a cute Echino fabric covered in rocket ships and other spacecraft, and when it finally came last week, I stretched some batting over the board, the fabric over that, got out the staple gun... and the rest was history. Then it took us a week to get it hung up on the wall because digging out the level just seemed like WAY too much effort. Ha! Anyway, Liam is thrilled with it and has meticulously arranged his artwork on it (along with his hockey calendar, which he is very proud of - he has drawn many holidays and family birthdays into its squares, so don't be surprised if he knows exactly when you will be celebrating this year.


Ainsley said...

What an interested and organized fellow that Liam is. The bulletin board looks great - I did the same thing in our office, but it isn't adorned by such lovely artwork.

Hope you're all doing well!

PS. I find monthly calendars to be a burden. I went with the yearly one and I find it's so much easier - even the three month is easier to update/keep organized. :o)