Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Date night

No sooner do we come back from Chicago than Chad and I have something else to look forward to. We just landed a pair of tickets to see INXS at the JLC in London. This gets me all misty-eyed and nostalgic, as it will be 13 years ago almost to the day that Chad and I went to see INXS together in Detroit. I admit I was not an INXS fan at the time; it was what you could call an attempt by me to win him over. (Which may not have worked in the short term, as he went on to take someone else to prom, but in the long term I guess I got the last laugh). Chad saw the band (or at least a few members of it) once more, doing an on-air interview at CFNY in Toronto, though he didn’t see them play. The band’s lead singer died unexpectedly several years ago, and Chad went into mourning, thinking he’d never see his beloved INXS again. Leave it to Mark Burnett (the production genius behind Survivor, Eco-Challenge, and Martha Stewart Apprentice (well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad)) to then come up with Rock Star INXS – a (what else?) reality show with the purpose of finding a new lead singer for the 5 remaining members of INXS. I thought Chad would be horrified by the idea, and he never did get into watching it, but we both have to admit that the new singer is pretty awesome and the band sounds almost as good as ever. So we’re off to see INXS with new frontman J.D. Fortune in a couple of weeks. Liam will be at home with Gramma, hopefully eating his dinner and playing nicely and doing this thumb-sucking, hair-twirling routine on her shoulder before going to bed without complaint.


megan said...

Can I come too? I LOVE JD Fortune.

David Amulet said...

Congrats, I think you'll love the show. I just saw INXS last night and wrote a review of the show over on my blog.

J.D. Fortune had an AMAZING voice. I wish he wouldn't have pranced around and rubbed his junk on the microphone stand so much -- even his bandmates seemed embarassed -- but his voice made it worth it. If he doesn't get lectured by the band, you can always just close your eyes!

-- david