Monday, May 08, 2006

A future too scary to behold

Lately I have been hooked on watching The Office. I'm willing to bet that if you work in an office, you find the show to be hilarious and totally true, and if you're a teacher or a nurse or anyone else who doesn't work in an office - you probably think it's the dumbest thing ever. To each their own.

Anyhow, my favourite character on The Office would have to be Dwight Schrute: And if you have worked in an office, you know Dwight's type - the freaky, tattle-taleing, brownnosing loser. On last week's episode the company was taking photos for ID badges, and Dwight made a comment about refusing to smile for the picture because in the monkey world, to show your teeth is to show weakness. Or something to that effect. (Then Jim printed the ID badge for "Dwight Fart Schrute" instead of "Dwight Kurt Schrute", and laminated the 2x4 inch badge in a sheet of plastic that must have been at least two feet square - it was hilarious, I tell you!) Suddenly I flashed back to a phone call I had just received from Deanna, during which she said she had gone back in blog history to try to find a photo of Liam smiling and had come up nearly empty-handed.

Suddenly I panicked.

Liam is Dwight.

They even look the same. (Except that Liam's hair is cooler.)

Good thing we caught it in time. We can chart a different course for Liam. I hope it's not too late.


Kelly said...

So tell me, what was the thinking behind having a picture of your parents holding Liam right after a title of "A future too scary to behold"?