Sunday, May 07, 2006

Seis de Mayo

Seis de Mayo is what you celebrate the day after Cinco de Mayo when said holiday was part of the work week. Yesterday we were at Darin and Jennifer's to celebrate all things Mexican, complete with fajitas and nachos and cervesas (cervezas? - whatever). We did not stay late enough to see the real festivities happen; partying with a one-year-old kind of cramps your style that way. Normally at Darin and Jennifer's parties the good times really roll once this sombrero makes its appearance. We had to drag it out early in order for Liam to try it on. I hope it stayed out and got passed around plenty.Liam takes stock of the bar area. Yes, in his jammies. Is there something improper about taking a picture like this??Hey look Deb, it's Bryce! Even though he normally runs the other way when I get the camera out, this time he actually requested that his picture be taken so that Deb would see his smiling face on Monday morning. How thoughtful is that! Too bad we had to leave so early, or I might have gotten a more incriminating picture to post... you know, sombrero and all.


jenn said...

Too cute!!
Glad you made the trip up (and it was great to browse the scrapbook store with someone who actually cares) Thanks for coming! :)

Deb said...

Thanks Carrie it's nice to see such a good picture of Bryce on Monday morning. I'm sure everyone had a good time at the party.