Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ready for the PGA

This is the Arnold Palmer inspired outfit that I mentioned earlier; a natty pair of plaid pants to go with the monkey sweater. It’s a super cute outfit and something that I want Liam to have the opportunity to wear as much as possible before he outgrows it. But I must admit that when I picked up the pants, I was not thinking. Now that the weather is improving, Liam is outside all the time; Cindy spends more time outdoors with the kids than indoors whenever she can. No longer content to sit in the stroller and watch the other kids, Liam has to be in the thick of things himself, even if they are running and he is crawling. You’d think that this means he has grass stains on his knees from chasing them around, right? Wrong. He doesn’t spend his time on the grass; he much prefers the pavement – the patio in the back yard and the driveway in the first yard. I’m surprised his hands aren’t covered with giant calluses, as it doesn’t faze him in the least to crawl around on what you’d expect to be some mighty uncomfortable surfaces. This has only really been going on over the last couple of weeks, since the weather has really turned, but Liam’s jeans are already almost worn through at the knees from the workout he’s giving them, and I am sure that his other pants (that he wears less often) are about to meet a similar wear-n-tear fate. The plaid pants are much lighter weight than denim; I don’t give them any hope of one day making it to hand-me-down status. I can only hope that Liam learns to walk before shorts weather hits, because otherwise he’s going to have some badly skinned knees going at this rate.


Bruce said...

Carrie - you could get Liam a small pair of roller blade knee pads. If he does wear out the knees of his Arnold Palmer pants you can cut down the legs & make them into shorts for
hand-me- downs.

Lin said...

Super cute outfit Carrie. Maybe the skinned knees will give him the incentive to walk instead of crawl. I really enjoy checking out your blog daily. THANKS

Dawn said...

Those are too stinkin cute!!! Adorable.....as always!!!
Beware though that the worn out kness do not stop once they walk! For some reason my little men still enjoy the crawling around thing, especially while VROOM VROOMing their cars.....we still get worn kness at 4 years of age! UGH!