Friday, July 18, 2008

Nothing gets past this guy

Last night when I picked the kids up from Cindy's house, Liam got into the car and immediately started talking about wanting to go to the store. What store? I asked. The store that's this way, he said. The thing is, Cindy lives in a subdivision - no stores in sight. I said, Liam, there are no stores here - these are all houses. He said, there's a store this way, with ice cream and a cherry on top, maybe we can go to the store and get some ice cream.

So I told him he was ridiculous, and we went home. He did get me thinking that ice cream after dinner was a good idea though; it's swelteringly hot here, after all...

Then Chad came home, and we compared notes, and suddenly everything made sense. As it turns out, there is a new ice cream shop in town, and it's on the route to Cindy's house. (No, I didn't see it driving home, though I should have). It is, in fact, a booth set up in a strip mall parking lot - a booth shaped like an ice cream cone, indeed with a cherry on top. Liam spotted it the day it went in and knew exactly what that business was all about. I must have had my blinders on.

So after dinner, we set out on a walk for some ice cream, only when we got there, after our long hot walk, we saw the dreaded, small-print signs hanging in the windows: opening soon... (Who puts in an ice cream store when the summer is already half over and then doesn't even open for business right away? But I digress.)

Luckily, we had to pass Dairy Queen to get to the ice cream cone ice cream store, and so we stopped in on our way back. Liam got a DQ sandwich, which he loved, and Chad and I split an Oreo Brownie Earthquake, which was really not all that good. Give me a good old fashioned scoop of Cookies n Cream or Bordeaux Cherry any day. Mallory had a few tastes of both. The menu was up at the ice cream cone ice cream store (I need to find out the real name of it!) and it looked good - limited to soft serve, but with all kinds of mix-ins. We will definitely check it out one day... but only after we know for sure that it's open for business!


megan said...

Glad you told me, wewere going to try it out!

Have you tried the roasted marsh-mellow at Eve's? To die for!!!!