Monday, July 28, 2008

R & R

Last week was a bit of a blur – as I was saying, a project I’m managing is swinging into full gear, and I had some of my team members (contractors) in from the UK to kick things off. This necessitated some focused daytime work and some evening entertainment as well. I just recently got off the phone with Cindy, who was describing some aggressive behaviour from Liam toward Mallory last week – something she thought may have been sparked by the fact that our routine was thrown off (Chad was doing both drop-off and pick-up, I was out in the evening, etc.) I hope a return to normal this week will nip that in the bud.

After a fast-paced week for everyone, we headed out for some much-needed weekend R&R. My sister and her family rented a cottage on Lake Huron at Beach o’ Pines, just south of Grand Bend, and we went up to join them for a couple of days. It was awesome – great weather, great location, lots of fun (though Liam and Henry kept their distance again this time around). The kind of trip where you come home vowing to buy a cottage yourself. Or at least rent one on an annual basis. :) We are doing just that – renting a cottage on Lake Huron, albeit a bit further north – for a few days in August, so this was a great way to whet our appetites. (I still have echoes of Liam forlornly saying, “But I don’t WANT to go home from the cottage!” as we drove out on Saturday morning ringing in my ears.)

I haven’t had time to upload many pics yet… took me long enough just to get them off my card and onto the computer… but hopefully I will update later with more. For now, I have to sort through an email inbox that is over its size limit, finish up some takeaway lists and items from last week's project kickoff, and attend to all the other requests that fell to the wayside when I was engrossed in that one thing. The cottage is feeling like a distant memory right about now.