Monday, May 25, 2009

After the family shots

We made the trip to Toronto on the weekend to attend Henry's 3rd birthday party. The family shots were snuck in 20 minutes ahead of time, and then we left for The Peanut Club - a fun indoor playground... ... with every toy conceivable. There's nothing better than a room like that where you can turn your kids loose and put your feet up for a few minutes. Until they start peppering you with "Watch me, mom! Come watch me!" Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
My personal favourite was the roller coaster. Well, it was a couple of small plastic hills and a little car that fit perfectly into the track lining them. I thought it was cool.
I also liked the tire for bouncing on. Evidently Henry did, too.
The kids ate pizza while at the club. Here Henry is, presiding over all of his guests.
And poor little Thomas, looking on from the sideline. Don't worry, Thomas... next year you'll be eating pizza, too.
Back at the house, we were treated to cupcakes. Here comes the tower, out of the house and down the deck stairs. Luckily Mike made the trip safely...
... and delivered the tower to Henry to blow out the candle and make a wish.
The theme of the party was 'construction machines'. Mallory's cupcake had a backhoe on it. I wasn't able to get to it quickly enough to take a shot before she dug in.
Other cupcakes, adorned with dump trucks and diggers of all kinds. Unfortunately, I think these cupcakes are all upside down. I should have rotated them before taking the shot. But I don't think that the other party guests would have appreciated my fingers all over their food.
The day went well. Both kids made it through without a nap. Mallory was a little dishevelled by the end, but her ability to keep her temper late in the day after not getting any rest makes me a little more comfortable with the thought of her getting through Katrina's wedding in a few months.

Unfortunately, she melted down on the way home and was up about five times that night. Counterintuitive, isn't it? But don't worry - we all caught up on our sleep, when we overslept the alarm this morning by 45 minutes. A great way to start a Monday.


The Robiltons said...

The photos are the best gift ever - thank you thank you thank you!!