Friday, May 08, 2009

Truant already

We got our first piece of mail from school this week. It was a monumental day, receiving something for the first time as the parents of an enrolled student. Except... what we received was an invitation to the kindergarten open house event, the one they told us about when we registered Liam back in January. And that open house event? It's taking place at the end of the month when we are otherwise engaged. There's no way we can make it. I'm crushed. I feel like we're getting off to a bad start, us and the school. We're missing the first day, we're missing the information night... *sigh* I called the school frantically to say we can't come and can't they postpone the event? Just kidding. I did call, but I didn't suggest the postponement. They are going to mail us an info packet and said we could come in and try to catch the principal or VP for a tour sometime. Which I suppose is all I could hope for. I'm still bummed we won't be there to meet the other parents and other kids and to listen to the Q&A session, but we do have every other Friday off work from now until September... arranging a trip into the school can definitely be done.


Dawn said...

aw, it's cute, my mother's day pic was done courtesy of Photobooth on the iMac!