Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day, 2009 edition

All I ever want on Mother's Day is a decent picture of me and the kids. Being taken out to brunch is a nice treat and the homemade cards and pot of flowers that Liam made are adorable. But really... I want a nice photo of me and the kiddos.

Chad grumbles a bit about this one, saying that I try too hard to force it and that there are 14,000 other photos of the kids each year. He's right about the number of pics but frankly, if I didn't try to force it on this one day of the year - I would have no pictures of me and my kids. And it's Mother's Day. Aren't I entitled to do a little forcing?

So here's what we came up with yesterday. It definitely was like pulling teeth to get it, and I am not all that thrilled with it. It was really cold and windy so I don't mind that our hair is whipping around and the kids are all huddled up. And there I am, tickling both kids' thighs in an effort to get a smile out of them. But sheesh, that has got to be the most unflattering picture of me that I have seen in a long, long while. Note to self - sticking one's knees up under one's chin - not flattering!! And those aren't tapered jeans, I swear, but they sure look like they are, don't they?

Hmmm. I am thinking a more creative crop may be in order. I will have to play with it some.

I am much more taken with this other photo that was taken of us later in the day. Maybe because you can't see my pegleg jeans in it, and that's a good thing.