Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Liam @ 4

Started receiving an allowance, but two weeks in, told us he didn't want it anymore. Would rather spend time down at the creek with a net than do just about anything else. Helped Chad catch a frog last week and was the proudest little boy ever. Still a picky dinner eater, though he will usually cave and eat after we make him take a bite - it's more a power struggle than a real issue he has with the food. Loves skating, swimming, riding his bike and using his rollerblades - I need to get into better shape to keep up with him. Spends *all* of his indoor time colouring. A total perfectionist - colouring outside the lines really upsets him. Enjoys activity books and school work books (tracing letters etc.) - he should love JK! Still has no complaint with spending some quiet time in his room each afternoon (so long as he has his colouring books!) Knows his left from his right. Very eager to please and obediant; almost always does what we ask, the first time we ask it. A great big brother who always keeps an eye out for his sister (and tattles when it's appropriate!) Keen observer: notes the changes in the house being built next door each day, differences in the plants in the yard, spots the critters down at the creek. All boy.


Gramma Cook said...

Sweetest little four year old you could ever meet.