Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the western front

I've been quiet recently, haven't I? No real reason... just life getting in the way, I suppose. This week I had two photo jobs (on the same day! When it rains, it pours.) I've been spending my after-the-kids-are-in-bed hours editing, cropping, and burning CDs. We've been spending our evenings all week out riding bikes and watering the yard (it's May and we're in our first drought already??? Oy vey.) Mallory would rather help me water plants than do just about anything else. I taught her and Liam how to pinch the papery bud covers off of our spruces to release the new needles underneath and by last night, the two in front of the house had been picked clean. Liam has become an expert ATV driver these past few nights, sneaking in quick drives while Chad barbecues. He refused to eat his garlic bread the other night and Mallory (who will ONLY eat garlic bread, if it is on the menu - that girl loves her carbs) chided him the entire meal: "Try your bread, Liam, it's good!" Mallory got run over by a kid on a tricycle at daycare and for the past ten days, all she can talk about is the scab on her hand and how she got it. Wouldn't you know it... last night when I arrived to pick her up, I had only just stepped out of the car when the damn kid did it to her again. Fresh blood, another story for her to tell.

In other words... it's business as usual.


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