Friday, May 01, 2009


It was a long and tedious week in the office - all I can say is TGIF. But, on the upside, I booked two more photo clients this week, my kids have me laughing like crazy (picture Mallory finishing her cereal and then earnestly saying, "I want dessert!") and our little piece of the earth is springing to life with some of our new plant acquisitions (check out my $5 magnolia!) Life is good.


Anonymous said...

A $5. Magnolia!!! Where did you find THAT bargain? Linda Barr

Carrie said...

It was at the Glasshouse parking lot sale. They had a bunch of them and there were still a few left last time I was there. It's a 'Jane' magnolia... more of a shrub type than a tree, and later blooming (which I think is a good thing - less chance that the flowers will be killed off by frost). It was only a 5 gallon size, mind you. It only comes up to my knee, but it has 5 flower buds ready to pop.