Friday, January 29, 2010


I am having a (long-overdue) Zen moment. My presentation is finished, another project is nearly wrapped (should be able to polish it off this afternoon), and I've just come back from hanging out with Liam's class at the skating rink over my lunch hour. The request for parent volunteers went out some time ago and I knew it could be dicey saying I would go during my busiest season at work, but since it was over lunch - literally, the ice rental was from 12-1 - I thought it would be doable. Little did I know that out of the 40 or so kids in 2 kindergarten classes, there would be only 2 or 3 students without a parent there. Good grief - are there that many stay-at-home or shift-working parents in the world? I want to be at Liam's events whenever I possibly can be, but I know there will be times when I cannot make it. Seeing all the parents there today almost felt like a reminder of a failure that is yet to come.

Anyway, this weekend I intend to do absolutely nothing, work-wise, and be a bit self-indulgent. I just picked up a book I've been dying to read (The Help) and tonight all I intend to do is put the kids to bed and then dive into it. On Saturday night I'm going to attempt to get a cake made after the kids go to bed, and then enlist some help to distract them on Sunday afternoon so I can put the finishing touches on it before dinner. And a few more rounds of Candy Land are likely to be played before Monday morning, too.


megan said...

Just to let you know, all the parents show for the JK and K school stuff. It starts to thin in grade one and by grade 4 you are lucky to get 2 or 3 parents out. By then your kids are just as happy for you not to go.

I'll bet lots of those parents were on their lunch hour as well.