Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome, 2010

So... a new year... a new decade, even... and I'm back. We just spent 2 weeks enjoying some R&R. We did some visiting, some hosting, some toy assembly - OK, a lot of toy assembly - and, OK, that mostly fell to Chad - some going out, some staying home. Some board games and card games and new things to entertain ourselves with. A few store returns. A lot of cleaning and purging and donating and reorganizing. A peek at work email now and then but mostly choosing to ignore it.
And I took a break from posting here, too, because I had several other projects I chose to work on with my 'computer time'. I got a new hard drive for Christmas, so there were files to be transferred, copied, burned to CD etc. and some installation to get that up and running. I finished up a small Christmas album I was working on (which can be seen here). I almost finished up my Project 365 from 2009 - I need to go back to a few crazy weeks in September, right when Liam started school/we came home from vacation/Grampa got sick... but it's nearing completion. I hooked up a new wireless router that had been sitting in a box for far, far, far too long. I started a new website, which I'll link to here when it is ready for visitors, and spent a few days tinkering with HTML (which I know nothing about, but which I can usually figure out by trial and error). I began an overhaul on this website, though (aside from a few broken links) that's not apparent yet.
So I'm back. This week is going to be brutal on the work front, what with the holiday I just took and the cold weather that blew in, and with it another visit from my consultant. Bear with me. By the end of the week I hope to have hit the ground running.


Ainsley said...

Since Captain doesn't make very many appearances in photos, I would just like to say, the pic of him playing with your Christmas ornaments is adorable! :o)

Hope you guys had a FABULOUS holiday! We did - it was busy, but when isn't it? Next step - putting our house on the market (Friday).

Ainsley & Daryl