Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The missing photo

Today, I'm working from home. Mallory took a turn for the worse overnight, and so did I. I can work from home no problem (thank you, laptop and cell phone) and although I wasn't sure how much work I could get done with her being here... so far, so good. We kept Liam home from the Before program today and just dropped him off a few minutes before bell time. There were a group of boys in the school yard, kicking at the ice on a puddle. He made a beeline straight over to them, which warmed my heart. Then Mallory and I came home and she managed to entertain herself for more than an hour before I gave in to her requests and played a game of Candy Land with her (after emailing a draft of the presentation I'm working on - so the pressure is off for a few hours!) I hope to still get a few other tasks wrapped up today, but also get some rest... get over this bug before it has a chance to do any more damage.