Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sick day

Somtimes, sick days can actually turn out to be a lot of fun. Of course this statement never applies when vomit is involved, but when it is just your common cold... it can be true.

Both Mallory and I were coughing, snivelling messes all day. But on the bright side, we got to drop Liam off at school itself rather than sending him to the Before program, and we got to pick him up early, too. (The B&A program is still not my favourite part of his school day, so I am glad to get him out of it when we can.) Mallory did a great job of keeping herself entertained for part of the day and sleeping for a good chunk of the day, which thankfully allowed me to get some work done. But in between working stints, you know we played a lot of this.And she wanted to play dress-up. Love that the dress is getting more use. Love that it fits even over top of a Faire Isle sweater! We watched some of this. (And some of Snow White, but I think we have a malfunctioning DVD player in the living room. So we had to revert to stuff we had on DVR.)I tried to encourage her to lie under a blanket on the couch and watch her movies, but that didn't last long. When she was up, she wanted to be up. She only stayed on the couch for a bit when Captain cuddled up with her.
All in all... it was a pretty good day indeed. I got a lot done, which just goes to show that an office environment, with all its disruptions, is not always the best work environment... sometimes the peace and quiet of home trumps it.

And if you can do your application testing on your laptop while watching Julie and Julia on OnDemand... so much the better.