Friday, January 15, 2010

Heading into the weekend

Good news: the cable guy came this morning and fixed our internet connection. Turns out it was a faulty modem and not my fault for jacking the router stuff around. (Though the next question is, do I have to start over from scratch and do a router re-install now??)

Bad news: Liam was off this morning, and is home sick now. I think the only reason he headed out the door at all (because we could tell he seemed off, and kept asking him if he was sick, and he kept saying no) is because his class went skating today. He lasted all of ten minutes on the ice, poor guy. The upside to this is that he goes skating with his class again in two weeks. And I've volunteered to accompany them. Hopefully he is feeling OK for that one.

I also hope Mallory does not come down with whatever Liam has... we have a fun girls only outing planned for tomorrow that she has been talking about for weeks, and I do not want her to have to miss it!