Wednesday, January 06, 2010

All of us

ETA for SC: Great minds think alike! Here are the thank-you's we sent out after Christmas. :)

One day, as a result of our organizational frenzy that we undertook on New Year's Day, I found myself going through the kids' marker bin, testing them and throwing out any that were dried up (i.e. roughly 83% of them) as well as separating out and sharpening the pencil crayons. This led to Liam saying he wanted to draw something, which led to this.I darn near gave him a standing ovation when I saw it, I was so taken. I love the big round nose and the way he drew his mop of curly red hair. And the fact that he put himself in an orange shirt. I asked him did he think he would be able to draw his sister?This one made me laugh out loud at the square hair on the round head. Of course she is wearing a pink shirt. Priceless.

Then Liam decided to draw the rest of the family, and here is the result.I was honestly laughing my head off at this one. I'm not sure if it's because I am wearing my blue glasses (as I was that day) or because of Chad's spiky hair or because of the whiskers that only come out of one side of Captain's head, his white-tipped tail and the paunch that Liam has carefully drawn between his legs (yegads, that cat needs to lose some weight!) I just loved it all. I immediately scanned all three pieces of artwork for posterity... these are definitely keepers.


Jennifer said...

we got our card today...LOVE IT!! :O)

SC said...

I love these drawings - so funny and cute. Last Christmas we got a homemade card from friends, and on it was a copy of handdrawn picture of their family - done by their oldest daughter (who was 7 at the time). It was so darn cute. You should save these and make them into a card next year - or a stamp set!